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training for everyone

Founder of TSIAVTARIS ATHLETIC SCIENCES is Tsiavtaris MIchalis with 20 years in the area of athletics of outstanding performances in triathlon (swimming-cycling –running) degree holder of T.E.F.A.A-University of Thrace with orientation in coaching and specialization in swimming. During his studies he was an active number of the coaching and physical output labatory of the T.E.F.A.A University of Thrace.

From 2009 until now he coaches:

  • Athletes who are targeting their maximization of their athletic performances on the sport of triathlon in cycling swimming and running
  • Athletes who are veterans in different sports who are targeting the conservation of their athletic performances on outstanding levels.
  • Trainee who have target their good health due to systematic and planned exercise.

In relation to alimentation of the athletes, TSIAVTARIS ATHLETIC SCIENCES did a co-operation with the professional nutrionist Mrs. Alexandra Kosmidou of the department of Nutrition-Diet Technological Institute of Thessaloniki.

Alexandra Kosmidou has take part on European projects like COSI of the GLOBAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION that has to do with children‘s obesity and in SEXUAL HEALTH ACTION of the HELLENIC YOUTH PARTICIPATION.

She is also a co-worker of Drama’s municipality due to the European Program TEVA.

She has done a lot of presentation about nutrition in Ladies’ Union in Drama, at the centre of protection for children and at Alkionis’ association.

She has take part at the researches:

  • Use of complementary nutrition to people who live in North Greece, with the association of the department of Nutritient-Dietology.
  • She has together with the medical department of university of Crete and the department of nutrition a research about “the benefits of the orthodox feast as a model” and with A.Pavlos( the hospital of Thessaloniki) about the «Consumption of  food and the effect on blood glucose”
  • Research <Program who – cosi> (European childhood obesity surveillance initiative) of the Global Health organization with the cooperation of the Greek Medical Institution of Obesity.

Now she is attending the National centre of Eating Disorders of Great Britain (N.C.E.E.D) that has to do with the eating disorders of adults and kids.

The aim of TSIAVTARIS ATHLETIC SCIENCES is the scientific approach to reach the targets of the sports and alimentation, in order to promote the good health by keeping the promise of the right ethos.